IuPDI (International union of Professional Development Institutions)

(國際專業發展聯盟) was established by group of Academics and Professionals in 2009.

Our Mission: To work with businesses to explore, develop and apply Business Solutions in order to create business opportunities and development.  


IuPDI is a Research and Application institution with extensive support from Hong Kong business associations. We are devoting our resources (more on Application and less on Research) to work with businesses, especially Startups, on creating business opportunities and development. 

Businesses can contact our Chairman (Responsible for Project coordination and Strategy) to discuss their needs and how IuPDI could assist them to create business opportunities and development.


Areas for collaboration with businesses: (The followings are phases of a business that we could assist them with)


Turning idea into business: Turning idea into product: Product realization:


Product manufacturing: Sales and Marketing: Business Management:


Invest in the business:


Experience, Expertise, Network and Investment:


Experience: We have wealth of experience of Professionals to select from and assign to relevant teams in phases of a business identified.


Expertise: Our team members have worked in successful businesses and willing to share and use their expertise to assist businesses.


NetworkWe have extensive connection and support from business associations that we can synergise with their members.  


Investment Our Associates can invest in project that have potential.