Introduction to IuPDI and what we do (English and Chinese versions)

Article published in The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Vision magazine July edition

Article on Heroes or Villains 英雄或小人   of July edition blog

 Assistance and support to Young Entrepreneurs (18 to 30 years old new business starters)

(1). IuPDI is offering complimentary application fee and 1st year renewal fee to any Young Entrepreneur's Online Shop (must comply with Certified Online Shop's criteria).

(2). In addition, IuPDI could offer business advisory service to new start up by Young Entrepreneurs for four sessions (one hour per session).

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 International union of Professional Development Institutions (IuPDI) (國際專業發展聯盟) was established by group of Academics and Professionals with the aims to conduct research and application on business management practices; provide support and assistance to businesses and industries in order to enhance their competitive advantages and business results.

IuPDI is renowned for its dedication in studying the unique nature of each subject; develop solutions and most importantly assisting selected group of companies (pilot companies) to implement solutions. IuPDI has conducted four application research projects on;
1. “Supplier and supply management”,
2. “Family owned business-succession” 
3. “Developing successor into capable CEO in the family owned business”.
4. "Protecting the company's brand" and "Online shopping"
IuPDI is working closely with associations such as;
The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce,
Chinese Manufacturers Association and several HK leading SME associations such as;
i.   Hong Kong Apparel Society,
ii.  HKETPA (Hong Kong Economic and Trade Promotional Association
iii. HKGCSMB (Hong Kong General Chamber of Small & medium Business) and
iv. HKSMEA (Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association) 
We have provided seminars, workshops and articles to raise awareness of relevant projects and provided advice and guidance to assist companies to apply our solutions successfully.
Our works has been widely publicized in numerous local newspapers such as Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times, and Sing Pao Daily News, as well as the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine and Economic Bi-weekly business magazine.
Vision: The ideal partner for research and application
Mission: To provide Solutions (knowledge and best practices) to assist businesses and industries to enhance their competitive advantages and business results