Advisor to Young Entrepreneurs (Startups)


 Entrepreneurship is exciting regardless of intentions (money, dream, success, challenge or dream etc) to start your business in the first place.  There are some successful young entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, the late Steve Jobs, Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg etc.  There are much more failure cases that would not hit the headlines. There are initiatives available to assist Young Entrepreneurs.


Leslie has over 25 years of experience in providing business management consultancy services to Public listed, multinationals and SMEs in Manufacturing, Engineering, Buying Office and Services industries.


 How we could assist Young Entrepreneurs?

 We can assist the Young Entrepreneurs depending on the status of their business development status. We can assist with the following stages of their business development.

 Four stages of our  Advisory Services:


1.   Feasibility of Idea:

Young entrepreneurs are full of creativity with potential ideas for businesses. This is the most important part of our advisory services where we will review each idea with the young entrepreneur(s) to determine whether the idea can be turned into business opportunity.  


2.   Product Realisation (turning idea into product):

This is an important stage in turning the idea into product where a list of product realisation activities need to be established and conducted (product specification requirements, product design, product design processes, product design outputs, product design verification, pilot run samples, product design validation), project schedule, deliverables at various milestone.



We will assist with the supplier and supplies control, product costing, product safety compliance and intellectual property protection.


We can bring in experts to conduct part of the product design, if needed.  


  1. Structuring the business:

There are two important parts in the structuring of the business; i) Financial structure of the business and ii) Management structure of the business. 


i)     Financial structure of the business: At this stage, we will involve our financial associate to assist with the assessment of the value of the Startup or new company (how much the company is worth?). We will assist to determine all the costs needed to run the Startup or new company and what investment are needed for and how much investment are needed as well as how much shares are allocated to Investor in return for their investment. We will assist to prepare the business plan of the Startup or new company to potential investors with the aim to attract investment into the business.


ii)    Management structure of the business: We can assist the Startup or new company to establish the Management structure and identify the requirement for recruiting managerial staff to manage the business.


We can assist to define company’s direction, strategy and business goals that are in line with investor(s) interest. We can align strategic partners to enhance the business and establish all the operations needed to run the business.


  1. Managing the business