A. Project Title: Development of Successor into capable Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
of the Family Owned Business (FOB).
B. The purposes of this research project are:
i.                     To identify challenges that the Successor is encountering in the FOB.
ii.                   To assist the Successor to understand and manage the business and its performance.
iii.                  Ultimately, to establish a proven methodology for the development of Successor to capable Chief Executive Officer.
C. Researchers of the Project in Hong Kong:
1. Dr TY Lee of the Hong Kong University (retired), Chief Investigator
2. Dr KS Chin of SEEM Dept., of City University of HK
3. Leslie Lee of Highgrade Resources Ltd
4. Paula Yoder, Director Executive Education, National Researcher in Adult Learning and Critical Thinking Concepts; Tandy Center for Executive Development of Texas Christian University (TCU), USA

D. Methodology
This research project will be conducted in four stages.
Stage I: Literature study on CEO;
            1.1 Conduct literature review on Leadership for CEO
Stage II: Survey of Overseas and HK based CEOs;
2.1 Prepare a questionnaire and request locally and Overseas based to complete.
      2.2 Prepare a summary of findings.
      2.3 Compile a guideline on criteria for CEO based on information collected in stage 1
and 2.
At Stage III: Conduct interview with Successors;
            3.1 Prepare criteria for the interview with Successors
            3.2 Invite and interview each Successor based on criteria developed
            3.3 Prepare a summary of findings
At stage IV: Learning and Self-development plan;
   4.1 Conduct workshops on “guideline being a CEO” with all Successors
   4.2 Request each Successor to prepare a learning and development plan
   4.3 Review their progress on a periodic basis
   4.4 Finalise report on our findings
F. Supporting organisations:
      1. Chartered Quality Institute-Hong Kong Branch
2. Hong Kong Apparel Society
3. HKGCSMB (Hong Kong General Chamber of Small & medium Business)
4. HKSMEA (Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association)